Case Study – A Case of Recurrent Numbness

Case History TOPIC

67 year old male

Smoker – 40 pack-years

  • Presenting complaint

Tingling sensation and numbness in right hand, progressing to whole of right upper limb  within seconds. Complete resolution of symptoms within 30 minutes.

Recurrence of symptoms noted 2 hours later, with complete resolution in < 15 minutes.

Previous history of similar symptoms affecting the right upper and lower limb 8 weeks ago . Symptoms lasted < 24 hours.

The patient was admitted and managed on lines of acute ischemic stroke.

Tab Aspirin 100 mg OM was prescribed 1 week after discharge.

  • Pertinent negatives

No weakness , visual symptoms , gait disturbance , speech abnormalities

No  previous headache , falls/ head injuries

Significant Past Medical History:

Hypertension , Hyperlipidemia

  • Current Medications :

Tab Amlodipine 5 mg , Tab Atorvastatin 10 mg ON,

Tab Aspirin 100 mg OM, Tab Omeprazole 20 mg OM


→Full blood count , renal / liver panel , PT/aPTT, ESR: Normal

→Carotid US (Previous admission): Normal

→ECG, Echocardiogram and 24 Hour Holter (Previous admission): Normal