Case Study – A Case of Recurrent Numbness

Brain and Vascular Imaging TOPIC

Previous admission

Figure 1: DWI Imaging, GRE Imaging, GRE Imaging (from left to right)

  • DWI Imaging: Tiny, juxtacortical  DWI hyperintensity in the left superotemporal region (yellow arrow).
  • GRE Imaging:  Left frontoparietotemporal sulcal SAH (green arrows); no abnormality noted in the vicinity of the DWI lesion.

Figure 2: CT Angiogram

CT Angiogram (Arch of aorta to circle of Willis): Normal. A large vein was seen draining into the superior saggital sinus (red arrow), without evidence of venous thrombosis. No arteriovenous malformations noted.


Index admission

Note – Image in green box is a corresponding GRE image from the previous scan- for comparison.