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Course Contributors:

Prof. Mayowa Owolabi (Nigeria), Assoc. Prof. Gisele Sampaio Silva (Brazil), Assoc. Prof. Laetitia Yperzeele (Belgium)

Course Description:

Dive into the latest advancements in stroke care with our e-learning module, based on the meticulous work of the World Stroke Organization (WSO) Guideline Committee. In 2022, the committee, led by chairs Alejandro Rabinstein and Gillian Mead, embarked on a journey to synthesize global stroke guidelines, culminating in the publication of a systematic review in early 2023. Discover the rigorous process behind the creation of these guidelines, from the formulation of a diverse writing group to extensive literature searches and quality evaluations. Explore the categorized recommendations spanning acute care, secondary prevention, and rehabilitation/life after stroke, tailored to various resource environments. Join us in mastering global stroke guidelines and translating evidence into practice, ensuring optimal care for stroke survivors worldwide.


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