Valeria Caso

Valeria Caso

S. Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Perugia

Contributor biography

Valeria Caso is a 1st level Medical Director, Neurologist, currently employed in the Neurology and Stroke Unit wards of S. Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Perugia.

In 2003 she obtained a PhD in Cerebrovascular Diseases from the University of Perugia. She also participated in the ESO (European Stroke Organization) working group for the drafting of the first European guidelines for the ‘treatment of stroke in the acute phase’.

Since 2003 she actively deals with research on women and cerebrovascular diseases, publishing various scientific articles on gender differences in this pathology. In 2014 she founded the WISE (Women Initiative for Stroke in Europe) group. In 2014 she was elected president of ESO (first woman to fill this role), with the programmatic mission to increase female representation in the key positions of related scientific societies, as speakers and heads of scientific commissions. Also in 2014 she obtained the national scientific qualification as Associate Professor, and in 2017 the one of Full Professor.

Valeria Caso is associate editor of the ‘Neurological Sciences’ publication and member of editorial boards of numerous scientific journals, such as the ‘International Stroke Journal’ and the ‘European Stroke Journal’. Since 2020, Valeria is a member of the WSA Leadership Group.